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I take an editorial approach to my copywriting work. Whether I am writing blog posts for a luxury hotel brand or content for a winery, I help the brands I work with stand out through rich storytelling and crisp, redundancy-free copy. I avoid superfluous words and phrases with little meaning and so-called “marketing” speak. My copy hooks the reader and makes them want to learn more.


It's All in the Details

After defining the format and angle of the content, I will do research and conduct in-depth interviews—a skill I honed as a news reporter—to gather as much rich detail as possible.


Targeted Copy

I will make sure the copy speaks to the desired audience, has a reader benefit and achieves a client’s desired outcome to drive sales, generate clicks or simply inform.


Tone of Voice

I am a master at ensuring copy strikes the right tone, whether your brand voice is conversational, like speaking to a best friend, or formal and refined.


Perfect It

If you already have copy, I can proofread, fact-check and make sure sentences flow smoothly.

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